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WordPress Themes for Blog or Website, When Starting Blog or Website on WordPress you need WordPress Theme. Themes are most important part of website and if you choose right theme for your blog or website this will help in succeeding. We List 10 WordPress Themes which are Fast, Clean and fully SEO optimised 

Top 10 High Converting WordPress Themes Are



schema image


Schema is the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme. Featuring all the best MyThemeShop features, including our custom options panel, all our shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel perfect design, Schema also includes rich snippets in order to help search engines your site and rank you higher.

SEO Features

  • Secure, Lightweight Code
  • Easily Accessible Content
  • Fast Site Load Times
  • SEO Friendly Design and Code
  • Google Algorithm Friendliness
  • Clearly Identifiable Content and Media
  • Pages That Keep Users Reading
  • Builds Trust and Security in Google’s Eyes
  • Built-in Reviews
  • Social Media Voting Functionality
  • Rich Snippets

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SociallyViral Theme


SociallyViral is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost viral traffic. With features to help increase social sharing, you’ll get more traffic from the web’s top social media websites and also boost your search engine rankings.

As a website owner, we are always looking for ways to get insane amount of traffic for little or no effort. Since MyThemeShop themes come with social options built-in and we optimize the location of buttons as well as ads for most traffic + revenue, we offer a unique blend of elegantly designed and profit making themes.

One such example is They used our theme to create a website that was eventually sold for $100 million. That might sound unbelievable but check this article on BusinessInsiderOpens in a new tab. to read how Scott DeLong turned a MyThemeShop powered website into a $100 million empire.


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Crypto :- Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency Theme


cypto theme


Crypto is the perfect theme for cryptocurrency based blogs. Apart from regular blogging features, Crypto has many specific features for cryptocurrencies that make it the most sought-after cryptocurrency theme by crypto bloggers, traders, commentators, and spectators.

It provides multiple ways of monetization and can be used to cover blockchain, BitCoin, AltCoins and any other topic from the cryptocurrency world.

We’re sure that you’ve heard about Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies. But are you aware that there are over 1300+ cryptocurrencies today. The more mind boggling statistic is that the total market capitalization of all the cryptocurrencies has already touched $800 Billion.

What that means that its the perfect time to start a blog about cryptocurrencies. And we have developed the Crypto theme just for that. It has been developed from scratch keeping in mind the various features a cryptocurrency blog would have.


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Coupon :-Best WordPress Coupon Theme


coupon theme


Coupon WordPress Theme is a beautiful and professional theme built from the ground up for the coupon business. Impress your visitors and convert more sales with this highly professional and fully customizable theme. The best theme for selling coupons, full stop!

if you bought anything on the internet recently, you probably hunted for a coupon code as soon as you saw the option for it on the checkout screen.

It is not just you; everyone makes a purchase like that on the internet these days. If there is a chance that you can pay a lower amount for a purchase, why would you pay the full price?

Coupon websites are popular for precisely this reason. There are multi-billion dollar businesses like that make millions of dollars by sharing deals or coupons on their website.

It requires a minimum investment, and when you have a coupon theme to power your new website, the startup cost is lowered to a negligible amount.

It is 100% SEO Ready and works with WooCommerce like a charm. We have added a custom coupon carousel to showcase the best deals, and we have added a nice custom slider as well.


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newspaper theme


NewsPaper is a beautiful and elegant WordPress theme built for content-rich sites. With trending and latest sort features, media rich features, and multiple post layouts, NewsPaper is perfect for blogs that post frequently across multiple categories to engage their readers.

Visitors love good designs that make the text look crisp and readable across multiple screen sizes. Have you chosen a design to make your website a hit or turn it into a disaster?

A legible and attractive design is what the doctor prescribed so here we are with an amazing designthat will turn visitors away from competition and towards your website.

Our brand new NewsPaper theme comes with a beautiful design, crisp legibility, amazingly low bounce rate, and very high ad CTR.


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Local Citation

Local Citation


he Local Citation theme loads as smooth as butter in a web browser and ranks high like a race car in search engines, thanks to the elegant design, fast performance, & SEO + Schema friendly code. It is the perfect companion for your Local Business, Shop or Corporate website.


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Scribbler Theme


The Scribbler premium WordPress theme has multiple headers and blog layout options. It has the perfect layout for showcasing your exuberant content to the world and comes with tons of options to customize your website as per your requirements.

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digital theme


The Digital theme is a perfect premium WordPress theme for having an established digital presence and get your content in front of your readers with a bang! It has a modern layout and a unique design to help you leave a mark in your niche.


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clean :- Minimalistic WordPress Theme


clean theme


Clean is an elegantly designed minimalistic WordPress theme that is built for professionals who want clutter free sites with multiple customization options.

Clean theme is perfect for blogs and online magazines and can be used literally in all niches. Clean theme is the best multipurpose clutter free WordPress theme.

If you look at some of the leading brand’s websites, you will agree that they have fully embraced minimalistic and clean design since it’s simply awesome. Take Google, for example, their main page is devoid of clutter, and there is only a centered search bar and few links on the top and the bottom, yet it is the most powerful site!

Clean design lets your website visitors to pay attention to reading content since there are minimal or no distractions. The clean and minimalistic design is also great since it loads fast which is great for on-page search engine optimization.


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blogging theme

Blogging is the ultimate theme for bloggers. With HTML5 and CSS3 markup, optimizations for search engines and ad earnings, and a beautiful design, it will make your blog grow.


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