7 Mindblowing Facts About GetResponse – The Best Marketing Platform Out There!

Are you wondering which email marketing platform is the best for your WordPress blog? These facts about GetResponse should help you make up your mind!

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose just one platform for all your email marketing needs. For us, GetResponse is easily the best email marketing platform right now. Don’t take our word for it, though. Make up your own mind.

We have compiled a list of facts about GetRepsonse that reflect its superior performance and ease of use. By the time you are done reading this article, we are sure you’ll want to buy GetResponse, too!

Let’s get started.

#1 Facts About GetResponse: Display Ads on Social Media Platforms

Facts About GetResponse

In 2019, it was reported that over 223 million Americans use social media platformsOpens in a new tab.. As a result, social media advertising has become an integral part of all online and offline businesses today. GetResponse lets you kill two birds with one stone by automatically connecting to your business’s media platforms. Doing so can increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns by 57%!

You can use this platform to share content across Facebook, as well as Instagram, and improve the reach of your marketing campaign at very little cost. GetResponse also allows you to pay for these ads without having to switch to Facebook or Instagram.

#2 Facts About GetResponse: Online Shop Optimization Made Easier

Facts About GetResponse

The best thing about GetResponse is the level of integration it offers. This email marketing platform offers powerful plugins to integrate your online shops on the platform for easy management across multiple channels.

From Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce, to BigCommerce, Stripe, and Magento, GetResponse is your go-to option for marketing your online store on any of these platforms. Not only does it allow you to display your products aesthetically, but GetResponse also provides access to built-in sales funnels and easy payment processes that enhance user experience and lead to faster conversions. If you have been using Magento or Salesforce, then you can easily import these contacts on your GetResponse account.

You can create a product library, suggest similar products to visitors, and reduce your cart abandonment rate through follow-up emails. GetResponse also allows you to personalize and automate product offers. As per HubSpot, GetResponse enabled 72% of companies to achieve their revenue goals through its sales funnel feature.

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#3 Facts About GetResponse: Display Customer-centric Ads

Facts About GetResponse

Customization is everything. If you end up displaying your ad to the wrong person, then that’s basically money down the drain. What’s more, you may risk getting blocked by the end-user, as well. As per the latest reportsOpens in a new tab., 527 million people have resorted to using ad-blocking technology on their mobile phones in 2019. This marks a 64% increase from 2016. Given the limited attention span that most internet users have, you need to deliver a strong impression and you need to do it fast. Targeted advertising is critical here.

GetResponse helps you create more targeted marketing campaigns that deliver your message to relevant and specific individuals that are a part of your target audience. You must develop an accurate customer profile to make the most of this feature.

#4 Facts About GetResponse: Use Online Forms to Derive Better Engagement

Another interesting fact about GetResponse relates to its usefulness in terms of online forms. Online forms continue to be a top-tier tool for generating leads. These forms allow you to capture customer information, such as their name and email address. As per research, 74 percent of companies use online forms for this purpose. 49 percent of these companies have also stated that online forms lead to the highest number of conversions.

GetReponse is a highly versatile tool in this regard. It allows you to use a variety of online forms for generating leads. These include:

  • Feedback forms
  • Order forms
  • Newsletter sign-up forms
  • Event sign-up forms

You can also introduce forms for downloading resources. If you choose to buy GetResponse, you also get access to a variety of form templates and designs that are easy to use and do not require any prior knowledge of coding.

#5 Facts About GetResponse: Powerful Lead Generation Tools

Besides online forms, GetResponse also lets you create attractive landing pages that aid in lead generation. In 2018, it was reported that the number of leads you generate increases exponentiallyOpens in a new tab. according to the number of landing pages you have. For instance, if you have 10 to 15 landing pages in place, then your lead generation capacity increases by 55%.

Of course, creating so many landing pages at the drop of a hat can be a hassle. This brings us to another interesting fact about GetResponse. GetResponse makes it easier to create landing pages. The platform offers hundreds of templates for landing page customization. You can use these templates to build promotional pages, opt-in pages, or pages for downloading resources.

You can also install a timer for special offers on landing pages and encourage customers to sign up more quickly.

#6 Facts About GetResponse: Customize Your Landing Pages for Mobile Search

Facts About GetResponse

Did you know that mobile users were responsible for 61.9 percentOpens in a new tab. of the paid-search clicks generated through Google in 2019? What’s more, the amount of ad expenditure on mobile search was approximately $28.25 billion in 2019.

Given the rapid rise of smartphone usage around the world, customizing your content so that it is compatible with mobile and desktop devices is more important than ever. As it turns out, GetResponse has robust features that let you customize your landing pages for various types of devices and derive higher rates of conversion.

GetResponse also comes with an android app that provides easy access to its features. You can use the app to test your sales funnel, manage your email campaigns remotely, and make changes on the go without having to switch to your desktop.

#7 Facts About GetResponse: Get Introduced to Marketing Automation

Facts About GetResponse

Marketing automation lets you grow your online business through automating vital tasks. This tool is helpful for managing your business in your absence. Essentially, you need to create sales funnels capable of marketing automation to achieve this result.

The successful use of marketing automationOpens in a new tab. will increase your sales productivity by 14.5 percent. It can also reduce marketing overhead by 12.2% and increase conversions by 77%!

Utilizing marketing automation can be difficult but with GetResponse, it becomes much easier. You can use this platform to create an automation workflow based on the profile of your website visitors. This workflow can be executed according to the actions taken by the visitor. Once a visitor meets a certain set of conditions, the sales funnel will guide them toward conversion.

Wrapping It Up

We hope these facts about GetResponse help you understand the hidden potential of this marketing platform. The level of integration offered by GetResponse is unparalleled. Be it your WordPress blog, your online shop, or marketing campaigns for your offline business, we strongly recommend utilizing this platform to generate leads, derive conversions, and grow your customer base in a powerful and cost-effective way.

To buy GetResponse, visit their official website. You can also start their free 14-day trial and explore all that this platform has to offer!

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