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How to build an email list – The fastest way to grow your email list is to run PPC ad campaigns and drive traffic onto your squeeze page. There, you’ll also need a lead magnet that’ll convince your website visitors to leave you their email addresses.

You can also partner up with other brands to co-promote each other’s content (e.g., ebook) or run a webinar together and share the mailing list afterward.


How to build an email list- Email list building ideas


  1. Pop-ups or Subscribers form

    Use a pop-up form and incentivize the subscription — be clear, persuasive, and honest as to what your subscribers will receive and what your visitors will gain by subscribing. Be careful, however, not to annoy your website’s visitors with intrusive pop-ups that’ll take their attention away from your content. Consider showing them only to those who’ve engaged and stayed on your website for a reasonable amount of time.

    Here’s an example of a witty popup from a brand called Shinesty.

  2. Contests and give aways

    A quick and easy way to generate a high number of email subscriptions is to run a contest. The tricky part is convincing your audience to participate in your contest. Standard incentives like giveaways or discounts may work, but it strongly depends on the type of audience you’re targeting.

  3. Customer referrals

    Just like you would do online, you can ask your customers to refer their friends to your website. To grow your email list with this tactic effectively, provide your customers with a squeeze page URL they’ll pass along to their friends.

  4. Lead magnets, content upgrades, and other downloadables

    Create lead magnets that your audience will find so valuable they’ll be happy to trade their contact details for them. Lead magnets come in all shapes and forms — written, video, audio, interactive — be creative and pick one that’ll work best for your target audience.

  5. Podcast

    Another list building strategy is to promote your newsletter to your podcast listeners. If you’ve got an engaged audience that’s always tuning when you publish a new episode, there’s no reason to ask them to join your newsletter. Be sure, though, to offer them something very valuable for their time and effort.

  6. Tools and softwareA great way to grow your email list is to build an online tool or software that your target audience will want to use. Rather than asking them to pay upfront, give them the chance to get limited access in exchange for their email address.
  7. Online conferences and events

    Think of them as webinars on steroids. Instead of having just one presentation, you get access to a whole bunch of them. Online conferences usually revolve around a single topic, like email marketing, but they can go far beyond that. Preparing an online event usually takes time, but it can be a very effective list building strategy, especially if you’re going to promote your event well.

    Pro tip: Some speakers may want to get paid for their presentation. But others will be happy to do it for free, provided that they’ll get exposure or will be able to mention their offer during the event.

  8. Interactive tools

    Interactive apps like quizzes and self-assessment tools can be very effective for 1) building an email list fast, and 2) qualifying your leads. Think of them as robust signup forms/surveys where prospects provide you with a lot of data in exchange for a personalized report. Tools like that only rarely go viral on social media, but if you’re able to create an app that everyone in your industry will find valuable, you’re in for a winner!

  9. Monetary incentives

    Offer incentives like product discounts, free shipping, and free samples for purchasers who subscribe to your newsletter. To maximize the results, add an expiration date to your coupons so new subscribers will be more motivated to make their first purchase.

  10. Referrals from existing email subscribers

    Ask your email subscribers to tell their friends about your newsletter. If they’re satisfied with your content, they’ll be happy to pass it along. You can also offer them additional perks like discounts or a chance to win something.

  11. Everyday communication

    Collect email addresses at each point of contact with customers and prospects. Whether it’s via phone or a face-to-face meeting, odds are that they’ll be happy to receive updates about your company

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  12. Chat-bots

    Many marketers think of chat-bots as a tool to build relationships and answer their users’ questions. While that’s true, they can work just as well for increasing the size of your email list. Just make sure not to show your pop-ups or chat bots too often. While they are useful, there’s a thin line between what’s effective and what becomes annoying.

  13. Ecommerce customer profile

    If you’re running an online store where customers can create their own customer profiles, consider using that as an opportunity to build an email list. All you need to do is to give your customers a clear explanation or an additional benefit for providing you with their extra marketing consent.

  14. Ecommerce check out

    As an additional step or an alternative to creating a customer profile, add the option to sign up for your newsletter in your shop’s checkout.

  15. Partnerships with other publishers

    Partner up with other newsletter publishers in your space and either a) mention each other’s newsletters, b) promote each other’s lead magnets, or c) run a joint webinar together.

  16. Keynotes and presentations

    Running an exciting presentation that people are lining up for? Let your audience know they can download your slides or receive similar content directly from your website. Just place a link to your newsletter subscription page on the footer of your PowerPoint or webinar presentation.

  17. Lead ads

    Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora all offer an ad type dedicated to promoting lead magnets. These so-called lead ads are perfect for collecting email subscribers. Mainly because the platforms prepopulate forms so users don’t need to fill out their full details manually. They are simple to set up and you get a ton of targeting options to choose from.

  18. Lead magnet funnels

    Looking for a quicker way to promote your lead magnets and generate leads? With lead magnet funnels you can host your lead magnets, set up landing pages, create autoresponders, and promote them with Facebook Ads — all in a matter of minutes.

    Pro tip: You don’t need a lead magnet to start collecting email subscribers with lead magnet funnels. They come with a set of pre-made templates and content upgrades you can use in your own campaigns.

  19. Retargeting campaigns

    Win back people who’ve visited your website but didn’t leave their contact details. With retargeting ads, you get a second chance to present your offer and build your email list. To maximize your conversion rate, make sure to a) only focus on those who’ve interacted with your page, b) exclude those who are already subscribed to your list.

  20. Sponsorships

    Want to reach a wider yet still highly-targeted audience? Consider sponsoring another company’s project or content. Whether it is an online event, banner ad, or a sponsored email — all of them open your door to a larger audience who, upon seeing your brand, may be interested in checking out your products and subscribing to your list.

  21. Contests and give aways

    A quick and easy way to generate a high number of email subscriptions is to run a contest. The tricky part is convincing your audience to participate in your contest. Standard incentives like giveaways or discounts may work, but it strongly depends on the type of audience you’re targeting.

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