How to Check Train PNR Status Quickly

If you have booked railway tickets and have not been lucky enough to get a confirmed ticket at the first go, then you must know how to check the train PNR status of your ticket. Checking the PNR status of a railway ticket refers to checking whether the current status of your ticket is confirmed/ it is still on the waiting list/ reservation against cancellation or if the ticket stands canceled.

What is a PNR Number?

PNR Number is a unique 10 digit number issued by the Indian railways against every train ticket booking, irrespective of whether the ticket has been booked online or physically at the railway booking counter. You can book as many as six railway tickets together if you are doing a group booking. In such a case, one PNR number is issued for all six bookings or seats. This PNR is stored in the Centre of Railway Information System along with the personal information of all the passengers whose booking has been made against that PNR Number.

Finding the PNR Number on your railway ticket

The 10 digit PNR number of your railway ticket is present at the top left corner of the physical copy of your ticket received when you book the ticket at the railway booking counter. In case you have booked the ticket online, this number can be spotted as a separate section on the e-copy of your ticket.

How to use the PNR number to check the booking status online

You can visit the website and click on the tab Check PNR status. Your PNR number needs to be entered in the text box after which you simply need to click on the tab that says check PNR status. This will open up a new window displaying the live PNR or booking status of your ticket. The status will be either of the three: confirmed, waitlisted (WL) or reservation under cancellation (RAC). You cannot use your personal information to check the PNR status although that information is attached to the PNR number of your ticket. It is because the personal information of passengers is kept confidential by the Railways.

How to use the PNR number to check the booking status offline

The PNR status of a railway ticket can also be checked offline by sending an SMS. You need to type your PNR number in the message box and send it to 139. The format for the SMS would be PNR10digit PNR Number (eg. PNR1234567890). Alternatively, you can also call on 139 and get your PNR status.

You can visit these counters and produce your PNR number to get your status.

There are mobile apps that can be installed on the phone for railway booking and checking PNR status. This can be done if you are a frequent train traveler.

This chart is prepared four hours before the scheduled departure time of the train for which the ticket has been booked. You can check the status of your PNR number on this list which has the final status of your ticket.

So the next time you have to catch a train, simply check the status of your booking online.

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