How to Choose a Domain Name For a WordPress Website: 6 Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing a domain name sounds fairly straightforward, but it is not. A domain name is more than just your website’s address. It’s a part of your online identity.

Whether you are starting a WordPress blog, an online store, or a website for your company – it all begins with choosing the right domain name.

In this article, we will be discussing how to choose a domain name for your WordPress website.

Let’s get started.

how to choose a domain name :- 6 Things To Keep In Mind

How to Choose a Domain Name Tip #1: What Extension Are You Using?

In the last few years, the number of generic Top Level Domains available has grown rapidly. From .net, .info, and .org to region-specific gTLDs, there are nearly a thousand options to choose from.

While this enables a great deal of versatility, the popularity of the .com extension is unparalleled.

Most internet users have the .com extension committed to memory and will type it in for every URL by default. Thus, even if you manage to create a unique and brandable domain name,

your efforts will be in vain if you use the wrong extension. Of course, you can still consider using something from the new gTLDs. Just make sure that you invest your time and money wisely.

Some people believe that using one of the new generic TLDs also makes it easier to rank on search engines. However, this isn’t as straightforward as it appears. Search engines utilize a variety of methods when ranking content for users. T

he impact of a new gTLD on your search engine rankings is speculative at best. There have also been concerns regarding the authenticity of new gTLDs.

Reports suggest that scammers can benefit from consumer confusion and use these extensions for phishing attacks.

On the whole, we strongly recommend using the .com extension to amplify the benefits of choosing a strong domain name and building an online audience.

However, if your domain name is unavailable for registration on the .com extension, then we suggest you opt for the .net or .co extensions. You can also opt for region or country-specific extensions such as .ca, .uk, etc.

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How to Choose a Domain Name Tip #2: Is Your Domain Name Brandable?

How to Choose a Domain Name

The next thing you need to consider when deciding how to choose a domain name is its brandability. Given the number of websites that are registered daily, it’s important to choose a domain name that looks and sounds like a brand.

This can make it easier for users to discover and remember your WordPress website.

Branding is also useful for SEO purposes. A brand is a symbol of quality, authenticity, and value. Having a strong online brand will also increase your website traffic and add to your credibility.

This can help you improve your search engine rankings.

Typically, a domain name that carries hyphens or numbers can be difficult to use for branding purposes. Using complex words in the domain name will make it less brandable, as well.

We suggest using a domain name that sounds unique and is easy to remember.

As far as branding is concerned, you must also avoid using domain names that lead to unintentional copyright infringement.

How to Choose a Domain Name Tip #3:  Is It Easy To Spell?

When choosing a domain name, we strongly recommend using words that are easy to spell and pronounce.

If you choose a domain that is difficult to spell, then it will automatically make it harder for people to remember it. Some good examples here include,,, etc.

Avoid using a domain with words that can be spelled in two or three different ways, as well. This will lead to further confusion and your customers may end up on the wrong website.

Many domain names also have special characters such as hyphens. This can be counterproductive. In this case, even if a person is able to remember the words used in a domain name, they may not remember where they are supposed to insert a hyphen.

How to Choose a Domain Name Tip #4: What Is the Length?

Short domain names are preferable to long ones. A long domain can be difficult to remember for most people. It can also be harder to convert long domain names into a brand.

If you take a quick look at the examples we have used above, all of them have used only one or two words.

However, if you are unable to get a short domain name registered on the .com extension, then we suggest considering a long domain name that is available.

Even if it is difficult for users to memorize it in the beginning, having the .com extension will significantly improve the value of your website.

How to Choose a Domain Name Tip #5: What About Linguistic Traps?

You will also have to watch out for linguistic problems when selecting a domain name for your website. Make sure that your domain name doesn’t take a different, inappropriate meaning in another language.

Using words that have a potentially negative connotation in another language or culture can backfire.

How to Choose a Domain Name Tip #6: Should You Use Any Keywords?

Using keywords in your domain name can seem like a good idea to improve your search engine rankings. However, we suggest sticking to broad keywords that can be used to communicate what your website is about.

Avoid using explicit keywords. For instance, if your blogging website is about marketing and finance, then avoid using domain names such as www.marketingandfinancetips.comOpens in a new tab.. This can hurt your search engine ranking.

On average, search engines like Google will give more value to brand-based domain names than those that make use of keywords.

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Wrapping It Up

How to Choose a Domain Name

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when learning how to choose a domain name. We suggest focusing on brandability, using words that are easy to spell, and using the .com extension for registration.

You must also consider your target audience when choosing a domain name and how they are likely to interpret it.

Remember, the right domain name can do wonders for your type-in traffic and brandability. Make sure you consider all these factors before settling for a domain name for your blogging website.

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