How to get High Quality Backlinks – White Hat Methods

How to get High Quality Backlinks – Every marketing expert will tell you that their website’s backlink profile plays a key role in search results ranking and traffic – and they’re not wrong. More backlinks = More profit.

But your quest for backlinks shouldn’t involve the use of blackhat tactics tools or racking up low-quality backlinks. There was a time when this strategy used to work, but Google and other search engines have evolved to detect and penalize websites that practice unethical methods.

Let’s make this very clear: there is no shortcut to building backlinks. You cannot steal, spam, or buy quality backlinks in a way that will reward you. This is the surefire way of getting backlisted from Google, and the worst part is that you won’t even know it.

The trick, like all other websites, is to put in the time and effort to earn quality backlinks. Give it enough time and you will build enough backlinks (and earn customer credibility that comes along with it).

In this blog post, we will go over some tried and tested ways to earn backlinks.

Important Terms to Know 

Not all backlinks are created equal. The quality of a backlink depends on two factors:

  • The domain authority of the website
  • The authority of the URL itself

For example, has its own domain authority, while will have a different authority that is tied with the domain but separate because it is its own page.

To check the domain authority of a website, use a tool like SEMrush.

How to get High Quality Backlinks

Step 1: Visit this link hereOpens in a new tab..

Step 2: Type the root URL of the target domain name.

Tip: Click here to check our in-depth review and guide of SEMrush.

When you first start, the domain authority of your website will be 0. You will have to gradually build it over time. A Domain Authority of 20 is reasonably good. At a DA of 30, you will find it easier to rank for content. 40 and higher means that Google really trusts you.

80+ is usually reserved for giants of the niche.

Your goal should be to get other websites with a high enough authority score linking back to you. Websites with 25+ DA are fair game.


The nofollow tag lets a search engine know that a link should not be taken into account when adjusting the search results page. The tag is often used by websites if they are linking to an unverified source and don’t want to be associated with them. They are also used in the case of paid sponsorships to comply with Google’s advertising guidelines.


Dofollow links are used when websites link to one another and want them to be factored in when adjusting the search results page. Dofollow links are most commonly used when blogs and websites link to other websites and don’t see any harm in being associated with them.

Anchor Text

Anchor text  include the keywords that the link is ‘anchored’ or tethered to. This information is used by search engines to figure out the page’s relevancy.

For example, we’ve linked to this website authority checkerOpens in a new tab.. These words help search engines understand what the website you’re linking to is all about. By doing so, you’re also helping that website rank higher for keywords that are important to them and their user base.

How to get High Quality Backlinks – 11 proven strategy


1. The Broken Link Building Method

This method is extremely effective and works most of the time. The first step is to find a website that you want to earn a link from. Now conduct a link analysis to find out broken links on their website. Once you have a list of broken links, all you have to do is reach out to the webmaster and show him/her your report.

While you’re doing this, provide them with free suggestions on websites to replace that link with. Of course, your goal is to recommend your own website here. This is no excuse to get greedy for backlinks. Your goal is to be helpful.

You can find the relevant websites by conducting a few simple search queries on Google, here’s how:

  • Target keyword + resources
  • Target keyword + links
  • ‘keyword’ site:rootdomain

Once you have a list of target websites, conducting a link audit is relatively easy.

You can also use a free plugin like “Check My Links” on Google Chrome to quickly discover all 404 links on your target website.

How to get High Quality Backlinks

Once you have activated the plugin, simply visit your target website and click on the plugin next to the search bar, as shown below:

plugin How to get High Quality Backlinks - White Hat Methods

You should see something like the screenshot below:

How to get High Quality Backlinks

When you contact the webmaster, be as friendly as possible without sounding too entitled.  Start by introducing  yourself and letting the webmaster know that they are linking to resources that are invalid or no longer available.

This strategy works best if you provide the exact URL of the broken links, so they can be easily found.

Be prepared for rejection – the webmaster may entirely ignore your advice. They may even accept your advice without linking it back to you.

In both cases, you should look up other webmasters and offer them similar advice.

This really is a numbers game, but one that ultimately works.

2. Create Infographics to Build More Backlinks

How to get High Quality Backlinks

One of the most effective methods for gaining valuable backlinks and generating traffic to your website is the careful use of infographics.

Visual data is easier to digest and holds the audience’s attention span for much longer.

You will have to work an experienced graphics designer, someone who knows what they’re doing.

You’ll also need to start conducting lots of research and gather data for the content. Your graphic designer won’t do this for you, or they might ask for additional payment.

Either way, infographics are extremely effective if used correctly. Suppose you spend $200 on a single infographic and it earns 10 backlinks. This means you’re paying $20 per backlink. This is very cheap for backlinks that have been earned without contacting a webmaster.

And there’s always a chance that your infographic goes viral, in which case, you’ll get even more backlinks.

Once you’ve prepared your infographic, it’s time to start distributing it. Many infographic submission sites let you build traffic, fans, exposure, backlinks, and more.

Our favorite spots include the following:

  • Reddit Infographics
  • ly
  • Flowing Data
  • GOOD Infographics
  • Power of Data Visualization

You can explore more hereOpens in a new tab..

3. Use Internal Links

While backlinks are most commonly associated with external links, you can also use internal links. Using them both will make it easier for search engines to interact with your website and update their indexes accurately.

Furthermore, internal links improve the user experience because users can easily navigate your website and find relevant links that match their search terms. This plays an important role in SEO and reduces your bounce rate because it allows you to retain users for longer: instead of hitting the ‘back’ button to find more information related to their search term, they can find all information on your website.

Here’s a neat trick if you’re out of ideas for internal links:

Write a small definition of a product or keyword and then link back to the page that contains an in-depth guide.

Just make sure to not overload your page with too many internal links.

4. Use Reddit 

If you’re not already familiar with Reddit, it is a massive collection of forums (or subreddits) where people share their ideas and thoughts. The user base here is mostly against the advertisement, unless you can figure out a way to become creative. You’ve got to be covert with your ad strategy.

As a general rule, the more upvotes (the Facebook equivalent of “likes”) you get, the more popular your post is going to get.

The Reddit community looks down upon ads, so be very, very careful not to spam your business here too often. The last thing you want is a backlash from one of the most influentialOpens in a new tab. communities on the internet.

If the Reddit community decides your content is good enough, you’re pretty much set.

While there isn’t any specific formula that you can follow on Reddit, here are a few tips:

  • Create some really good content (it must be unique, extremely informative, and humorousif the subject matter allows)
  • Find a forum (or subreddit) within Reddit that best represents your target niche. You can search through various subreddits to find the right one that is most relevant to your business. This isimportant because if you spam your ad in an unrelated forum, you’ll get downvoted to oblivion!
  • Once you’ve found the right subreddit, it’s time to get creative with the write-up. Make sure the subreddit follows the community guidelines (extremely important as well). Don’t just add a link to your website and hope that people will see value in it.
  • When creating your post, make sure to include as many details as possible. Your goal is to sell your work to the community and explain why it is relevant to them. Once you’ve provided a few paragraphs’ worth of information, and if the subreddit guidelines allow it, you can include a link to your website so that users can click on it for a more in-depth blog post.
  • Don’t worry if you’re not getting enough clicks. Posting on Reddit is a numbers game. It may take a few tries before your post can get enough traction on the website. The trick is to not appear spammy and make sure your website is well optimized for use on both desktop and mobile.

Here’s why this method of backlinking works:

  • Most links on Reddit are nofollow links (which mean they won’t convert into a backlink). But once your post attracts enough attention and upvotes, the link becomes a dofollow. Reddit didn’t reveal the actual number of upvotes needed to convert nofollow links to dofollow. Either way, if you’re able to get even one dofollow link from Reddit, you’re golden because it commands considerable clout and domain authority.
  • Besides getting an important backlink, you’ll also get a ton of traffic from Reddit. In many cases, it could crash your website, also known as ‘getting hugged to death’. Not exactly a bad thing.

Note: Never become spammy!

5. Creating Top Quality Content 

How to get High Quality Backlinks

The most consistent and reliable way to generate backlinks is to create top-quality content on your website that others want to link back to.

If your content is too generic and doesn’t provide enough information, it won’t get any valuable backlinks.

Your only option is to write valuable content.

This isn’t easy because it takes a lot of time to conduct research, put together the data, and write a meaningful blog post. And even if you publish a well-researched blog post, you’ll have to wait before it can generate enough buzz. It’s extremely easy to lose motivation if you don’t have an audience.

It’s even harder to produce valuable content consistently over a long period of time.  But once you publish enough high-quality blog posts, you’ll start getting links from high authority websites and that’s when you can finally reap the rewards of your labor.

Until then, you should stick to your guns and keep creating interesting content that is helpful and engaging. At the same time, you should promote your content through all digital tools at your disposal, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

It is just as important to diversify your content.

For example, online businesses have a lot of opportunities when it comes to writing content, whether it is generated by videos, podcasts, or blog posts.

Make sure your content plan includes videos, podcasts, and other forms of media. A good idea is to repurpose old content into video form. Just don’t start narrating the entire article because that’s just boring!

6. Request Your Wholesaler/Supplier/Manufacturer for a Link 

This is relatively easy and only requires you to reach out for a backlink. Simply shoot an email to your manufacturer who sources your products and ask them for the link as a retailer. Manufacturers usually have highly authoritative domains that rank very high on search engines.

Do keep in mind that your manufacturer may or may not have a place to add a link to their website. In the worst-case scenario, they might not even want to link back to you if they don’t think you’re authoritative enough. Before you reach out to the manufacturer, make sure your website looks good and has enough authority.

7. Conduct Interview of Influencers in Your Niche 

How to get High Quality Backlinks

It’s the oldest trick in the book: conducting interviews of influencers.

Our recommendation is to go for smaller influencers before targeting the big-leagues.

For example, you could interview someone with 1,000 followers on Instagram, and then 10,000, and so on.

Find out influencers in your niche, whether they call themselves YouTubers, entrepreneurs, creators, bloggers, speakers, etc. Send them an email or slide into their DMs to ask for an interview.

Just make sure your questionnaire is relevant to them.

Once you have all the answers, post the content on your website.

And better yet, reach out once more asking them to review the content and leave their feedback in the comments. This should generate enough buzz around the interview.

There is a pretty good chance that this influencer will share your content in their social circles, including their own website. This will give you a backlink.

Most people really appreciate getting noticed, even if it’s by a smaller player.

As with most things in life, this is a numbers game. Not every influencer will respond in a positive way, or respond to you at all (they likely receive tons of emails). But if you’re persistent enough (and friendly enough) when reaching out, you will score an interview. Just don’t get upset or offended if they don’t respond – but be persistent.

If they flat out refuse you, simply try another influencer in your target market and start the cycle anew.

8. Help a Reporter Out (HAROOpens in a new tab.)

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a great tool if you want to write unique content. Sign up is free and takes a few seconds. You will receive three emails from Monday to Friday. These emails inform you about the information that reporters are actively seeking. The email will usually include the intended headline for the article, a summary, the topic category, the journalist’s email address, and more.

Not all emails and lists will be relevant to your industry, so make sure you keep an eye out for something relevant to your industry.

Make sure the answer to the journalist’s query includes a link to your website.

This is by no means guaranteed to work because the journalist may not have use for your answer. They will likely receive a lot of information, some more relevant than others. But there’s a pretty good chance you’ll score a backlink on a site with reasonably high domain authority.

9. Comment on Other Blogs 

All you have to do is post a comment on another website with a link back to your own site. The goal isn’t to post a backlink, but to leave insightful comments.

The value of the backlink generated is considered to be low because most blog comments are deemed as nofollow, which means it won’t be passed on to your website. That being said, it is still very popular and easy to implement. Besides, enough marketers believe that the strategy works. There really is no harm in doing this – just don’t be spammy.

Use a tool like SEMrush to find domains with high authority and leave useful, valuable, and non-spammy comments with a backlink to your blog.

10. Guest Posting 

Guest posting is extremely effective at building up a powerful backlink profile for websites.

Simply put, you’re contributing to someone else’s blog in exchange for a link back to your website. Guest posts provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your domain expertise in front of a completely new audience.

Finding a website willing to accept your guest post isn’t easy and you’ll likely have to build a small portfolio before being considered for an assignment. Once again, it is important to be polite, eager, and persistent when addressing the webmaster.

Provide them with a small introduction to yourself and let them know that you can provide them value.

If they like your content, they may ask you to become a repeat guest poster. This is an ideal relationship because you’ll get more eyeballs on your website and generate tons of backlinks every time.

It is a good idea to fill up your own website with valuable content so that others have a way of gauging whether you’ll be a good fit for their audience.

11. Product or Service Review

How to get High Quality Backlinks

If you want to promote a certain product or service to an audience, try to get an influencer, YouTuber, blogger, or another website to publish a review. This effectively gets your product out in front of a new audience that is relevant to your niche and may provide you with a new backlink.

Note: If you’re paying someone for a review, make it’s a nofollow link to comply with Google’s guidelines. This isn’t ideal for backlinking, but may be helpful.

Try to get in touch with as many reputable bloggers and websites for product reviews. Start with popular websites and gradually move up the ladder. You can help the reviewer by providing them with information specific to your product or service, such as data on the number of units you’ve sold.


These are the top 11 ways of building awesome backlinks for your website. Your success will largely depend on how you can pitch your content to others. As always, make sure to be polite, persistent, and eager. You should be able to demonstrate value when reaching out.

Pro tip: Start by writing valuable content for your own website.

Building backlinks is a long, drawn out process that ultimately rewards you. Remember to prioritize quality and not quantity!

Let us know if the above techniques make sense to you. And if you have suggestions for other link building strategies, we’re all ears.

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