How to Promote Your Blog: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to set your blog site up for success? Are you trying to attract a large number of online visitors to find that your efforts go up in smoke?  If the answer is yes, you can put an end to your worries as we will reveal to you some of the best ways to promote blogs online.

Building a blog site is just the first step for creating an online presence. The second and more important step is to promote the blog site in order to increase your online traffic. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn all you need to know about promoting your blog site online.

How to Promote Your Blog – 9 Ways you can Promote your blog Effectively


1. Leverage from Social Media


You can increase the visibility of your site by leveraging from the popularity of social media platforms. Today every business – large and small – invests in social media to increase brand awareness and exposure.

Create a profile on different social media sites to promote your blog site. Remember the Pareto principle here, 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of your efforts.

It’s advisable to create an account with a large number of active online users. Here are some of the most popular social media sites on which you should focus on posting your blogs:


Facebook is among the most widely used social media platforms with billions of active users all over the world. You should be active there to boost the visibility of your blogs.

You can adopt two strategies to promote your blog site on Facebook. The first strategy is to establish a large online following and promote your blogs to the fans. This strategy requires a lot of effort and time.

The other strategy is to contact FB influencers. Influencers are individuals with thousands – and even millions – of online followers. You can contact influencers to promote your articles and blogs in exchange for an incentive. The incentive can be in the form of money, exclusive access to your products, promoting their goods or services, or some other inducement agreement with the influencer.


After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. You simply cannot ignore this social media juggernaut when it comes to promoting your blog. YouTube is completely free to use. Just make a promotional video and upload it on the video streaming site.

Posting videos on the video-sharing channel will help you boost the visibility of your blogs. Google will index your video content on YouTube. Your followers will also share your videos with others on their social media walls. But make sure to create a video that has what it takes to go viral.

Getting thousands of views is important to drive online traffic to your site. Make sure that the video description contains a clear call to action telling your online viewers what they need to do (visit your website), how they do it (clicking on the link), and why they should do it (free information, contest, promotional link, etc.). Once the viewers have watched the video, they should be encouraged to take the desired action.


Quora is a question and answer social networking site. Users post questions and get answers from other registered users. You can use Quora to launch your blog site. But keep in mind that the site does not specifically allow you to promote your blog site. You can answer questions related to your blog content and include a link as a reference.


Slideshare is another popular platform that can serve as a great tool for marketing your content online. Posting content on the platform will help to maximize its visibility. The reason you should promote your blogs on Slideshare is that it is among the 100 most visited sites with over a million users.

You can publish presentations on the Slideshare platforms. Stick to more visuals and fewer words, and communicate your points using presentations. This will help increase the traffic to your blog site grow.


Tumblr is another great platform for promoting your blogs online. Promoting content on the social media platform will help you to boost the visibility of your blog site.


Twitter is another popular platform that you should not ignore for promoting your blogs. Ideally, you should post your blogs on Twitter right after publishing them online.

Along with writing on trending topics, you may also retweet

old blog posts. This is important since research shows that only 1.4 percent of Twitter users engage with a post. You should tweet the same blogs multiple times in the span of a few weeks to ensure the maximum visibility of the posted blogs.

Apart from the above, other social media platforms that you should consider to improve the visibility of your blogs include Digg, Pinterest, and Reddit. You don’t have to pay anything to register and the community is active and large.

Important Tips When Posting on Social Media Platforms

Simply creating a social media platform is not enough. You need to regularly post updates on the site and recycle old blogs. Consider engaging with online fans by making prompt replies and conducting online polls.

Posting frequency is also important. Experts recommendOpens in a new tab. that you should post no more than two times on Facebook, three times on Twitter, and five times on Pinterest in a day. Limiting posts is important to avoid the posts appearing as span to the online users.

Another important tip when posting on social media platforms is to use the ‘social locker’ technique. The social locker technique displays part of the content and persuades people to click on the link to finish reading the blog.

Lastly, you should remain professional and avoid making controversial remarks regarding politics or other topics. The social media account that you create for promoting blogs should be used solely for that purpose. You can create a separate personal account to share your views regarding controversial topics.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also important to boost the visibility of your blogs. SEO allows your blogs to appear high in the search results page for specific keywords. It involves optimizing the blog site with relevant and trendy keywords.

SEO allows Google to identify the content and display your site when people enter keywords related to the blog content. It allows Google and other users to find your blog site. No matter how great the blog content, it won’t get the attention without optimizing the blog page for ranking.

The more people find your content, the higher will be its search ranking since it tells Google that people find the content valuable.

Optimizing a blog site for a better ranking requires a lot of effort. Contact a professional SEO expert for the proper optimization of blogs to maximize your online visibility. It involves building backlinks, removing barriers to indexing, and optimizing the content for relevant and high impression keywords.

The investment in SEO can pay back in the form of long-term, organic traffic towards your site. Grabbing the top spot in search engines will allow you to funnel a large number of online visitors towards your site. This may time several months, but the results make the investment in optimizing the blogs totally worth it.

3. Email Marketing


Email marketing is a highly effective technique to promote blogs online. Marketing through email has been around for decades and it’s still one of the best ways to engage with the target audience.

You should send emails to your target audience, giving them a compelling reason to read your blogs. Consider engaging with your customers with promotional content and contest. You can encourage users to visit the website by showing them what they have missed since the last time they visited the site – a new product, eBook, whitepaper, or a video.

Building a subscriber list is important when marketing blogs via email. This is one of the most time-consuming and challenging parts of email marketing. Building a subscriber list is important to maximize the visibility of your blog site.

To build a subscriber list, you should create a signup process on your website. The blogs should also have an effective call-to-action, encouraging users to sign up for the email newsletter. You can also place CTA on the About Page and home page.

Additionally, you can use email marketing apps such as OptinMonster to promote your blogs online. These apps are designed to help you build and grow the list of email subscribers. You can also use an email marketing platform that integrates with WordPress, such as HubSpot.

Crafting an effective email is important to capture the attention of your target audience. One of the pitfalls of using email marketing is spam content. Your efforts will be wasted if users flag your email as spam. Here are some tips to avoid having emails signaled as ‘junk’ by online users.

Use Action Language 

Use ‘action language’ in your email. Be clear about what action the user must take. If the blog is about a product or service, you should specifically tell the readers about it. Inform them about how reading the blog will benefit them and encourage them to take action by clicking on the links.

Remember to include the link of the website and contact information at the end of the message. Encourage users to visit the website to discover other blog content that they might find useful. This gives recipients a reason to browse your blog site.

Inform Not Sell

Your goal should be to get the message across without making the message sound pitchy. Avoid using repetitive content and lengthy paragraphs. The content should be to the point and concise.

Avoid wasting time writing a lengthy email with a muddled and unclear message. Here is a sample email to promote your blog content to online users.


We are near the end of the first half of the year that has been eventful and challenging for everyone. To keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings, we have created some awesome content.  

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How People are Coping with the Pandemic

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You can find a ton of information and discover promotional offers in the blogs. So, what are you waiting for? Get busy reading!

You should use a simple format for the emails to promote blogs online. Also, you should avoid overloading the message with lots of visual elements. For high converting emails, stick to substance over style.

Keep the Emails Unique

Another important tip to avoid is to keep the emails unique. Avoid cookie-cutter email messages. Keeping the same email format is alright. But the content needs to be timely, unique, and informative for the users.

Preview Text 

Consider giving a preview of your blogs to entice recipients to view your blog site. Giving a preview of the blog content will entice the users to visit your blog site.  It will allow the recipients to know whether the information is relevant to them.

Adding a preview of the blogs will greatly increase the odds that the recipients will read the email instead of deleting or marking it as junk.

A preview of the blogs can be the opening sentences or a summary of the blog content. It should inform the readers of what they can expect to find in the blog.

4. Paid Advertising 


Paid advertising is an expensive but highly effective way of boosting the visibility of your blogs. You can advertise on search engines or social media platforms.  Popular search engines and social media platforms for paid advertising include Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You have to pay a fixed price for every click or impression of your online ads. The cost of a keyword is based on the competitiveness of the search term. If the keyword or search term you have selected is popular, the cost will also be high.

Select keywords that are relevant to the blog content. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trend, and to find out about popular and trendy keywords.

You can set a monthly budget for each ad. The ad campaign will end once the cost exceeds the budget. The budget can be as little as ten dollars a day. The main focus when setting a budget is to get the best return on investment (ROI). Make sure to select keywords that will help you get the most clicks or impressions at the least cost.

5. Press Releases

Press releases are yet another effective way to market your blogs to the target audience. You can introduce viewers to your blog site and build credibility by showing yourself as an expert in your niche. Publishing PRs can help build awareness and drive traffic towards your blog site.

PRs can help generate interest in your blog site. Also, include the link of your site in the press releases. Some great sites for publishing PRs include Free Press ReleaseOpens in a new tab., PRLogOpens in a new tab. , and 24-7 PressReleaseOpens in a new tab..

6. Promote On Online Forums

Every niche has online forums that you can engage in to promote your blog site. Get involved in the relevant forums by signing up and making regular contributions. You should actively contribute and passively promote your site on online forms.

Most online forums have a strict policy about promoting through their platforms. You need to read the terms of use before posting about your blog site. The focus at the start should be to build rapport with the community members.

Your posts in the online forums should be informative rather than promotional. Most online forums allow you to put a link in the signature. You can mention your blog site in the proper context.

7. Content Syndication Site 


A great way to promote your blogs is to publish it in a content syndication site. You can write blogs on syndication sites that get a lot of online traffic. Some of the sites that you should consider promoting your blogs include LinkedIn PulseOpens in a new tab.Hub PagesOpens in a new tab., FlipboardOpens in a new tab., EzineArticlesOpens in a new tab., and MediumOpens in a new tab.. Being listed in Google News can also result in a massive increase in traffic to your blog site. If you cover the latest happenings in your locality, you should apply for the inclusion of your blogs in Google News.

Apart from gaining increased visibility of your blog site, posting on content syndication sites will also help you rank your website high in Google. You can build your reputation as an expert by regularly posting on these sites.

You can get a lot of online traffic by republishing your content in top blog sites. Many top blog sites allow you to republish content if the content is relevant to their site. You can also convert your documents to presentation and PDF and share them on document sharing sites. Include a bio and link to your site so that people can visit your blog site.

8. Get Your Blogs Translated into Other Languages

A little known secret to gain high visibility of your blog posts is to translate your blogs into other languages. The strategy works if you translate the content in multiple languages. The translated version of your blogs will help in getting worldwide exposure to your site.

Famous blogger and entrepreneur Neil PatelOpens in a new tab. revealed that online traffic had increased by about 47% when he translated his blogs into 82 different languages. And the amazing thing is that you don’t have to pay anything to do this. You can use the free plug-in TransposhOpens in a new tab. to translate your site in a different language for free. Your blog site will rank in different versions of the search engines, thereby attracting maximum traffic.

9. Feature Other Bloggers in Blogs

One of the techniques that some expert bloggers use to improve the visibility of their blogs is by featuring other bloggers on their platforms. You can include the links of the bloggers and reach out to them that you have mentioned them in their blogs. This often results in thousands of shares per blog, thereby attracting a lot of traffic to your blog.

Include links of expert bloggers and let them know that you have mentioned them in your blog. They are most likely to share your blog, resulting in a large amount of online traffic for your blog site.

Final Remarks 

Promoting blogs is not an easy walk in the park. It takes a lot of effort and time to market your blog to the online audience. You need to identify the target audience and use the appropriate platform to inform them about your blog site.

An important thing to remember when promoting blogs online is to market to a specific demographic that will be interested in reading your blogs. If you write about content relating to construction projects, it would not be smart to promote your blogs in technology forums. If the blogs are about the weekly roundup of workshops in Minnesota, promoting the blogs to the residents of Alaska would be a waste of time and effort.

Your aim should be to get maximum results with a minimum budget. You have to weed through platforms that will help you to reach the target market. Your time should be spent on platforms that will help attract online users who will be interested in reading your blogs online.

Getting to know the online audience is important before you start all the promotional activities. Targeting everyone is a loss of resources. Moreover, it gives the impression that you have not done research when crafting your blogs that will lower your credibility as an expert in the field.

A poorly planned promotional campaign with spam content will have a negative effect on the target audience. The tips mentioned in this guide will help you craft an effective promotional campaign that delivers.

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