How to Import Subscriber to GetResponse

GetResponse makes it easy to import contact lists. It truly is the most convenient email autoresponder tool that empowers marketers with useful features such as newsletters, surveys, and even a landing page builder. Moreover, it is trusted by thousands of businesses in over 182 countries worldwide and reportedly engages over 1 billion subscribers every month. That’s a lot of email campaigns.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to easily move your contact list to your new GetResponse account. Setting up with GetResponse is easy and you’ll be able to get started in no time.

You can import any contact list as long as it is formatted according to the following GetResponse checklist:

  • It must have one of the following formats: CSV, VCF, TXT, XLS, ODS, XLSX.
  • Columns must be separated by tabs, semicolons, and commas.
  • The file must be encoded in UTF-8.
  • The file size should not be greater than 50 MB.
  • Custom field values should not have more than 255 characters. Longer characters must be clipped.

Required Fields

Before you upload your contact list file, make sure it fits the following criteria:

  • The import file must contain an email column
  • Each contact must have only one email address in email column

The email addresses must be complete. For example, GetResponse won’t be able to add incomplete addresses such as [email protected] or Empty lines and emails longer than 128 characters will result in a syntax error.

You may assign custom fields in your contact file. Just make sure that the default custom field values and the imported custom field values match. Moreover, make sure to match the values for values such as Country, Currency, Gender, etc. This is because any data mismatch will result in an error.

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Starting the Import

  1. Click on Lists and go to Add contacts. This will open up a new page.

Add contacts How to Import Subscriber to GetResponse



  1. Click on any list from the dropdown Menu. Choose Add to autoresponder cycleif you want to send autoresponders to your contacts.
  2. Allocate the proper day in the cycle that you plan on adding your contacts to.
  3. Select from three options: i) to upload a file yourself, ii) use a third party tool, or iii) paste rows yourself to start adding contacts. Once you’re there, you can decide the process of importing contacts.

You have three options (each will be explained in detail below):

  • Upload an external file
  • Copying and pasting to a new list
  • Use a 3rdparty tool

Once you have created your list, you will need to complete the uploading process.

1. How to Upload a File

The default way to import contacts is through the Upload a file button. To start uploading your new file, you can do the following:

  • Select Choosefile to pick one from your computer
  • Drag and drop the file into GetResponse

As mentioned earlier, the file size must not exceed 50 MB. In the case of XLS format, the file size must not exceed 10 MB.

2. Copy and Paste from a List

An alternative way to import contacts is by clicking “Paste from file”. This process may be slightly lengthy because you can only add one email address per line. Furthermore, you will have to separate custom fields with commas. To create a new entry, hit Enter. Here’s how it will look like:

[email protected],Jack,Male,40(enter)
[email protected],Steve,male,50(enter)
[email protected],Jane, female,50(enter)

Additionally, one alternative way to separate fields in a single row is with tabs and semicolons.

3. Using a 3rd Party Tool

It is possible to use the help of a 3rd party tool to help you import a contact list. But first, you’ll need to create a connection and provide them with additional information about your own GetResponse account, such as your host address, user name, your API key, and more. The specifics of the details you’ll need to provide depend on the account that you’re trying to connect with.

Furthermore, GetResponse lets you import contacts from many services such as Zendesk, Magento, Salesforce, FreshBooks, FormStack, and more. Finally, you can also import contacts from popular integrated services such as Google Checkout and PayPal.

There are over 100 integrations available.

Completing the Process

To complete the process, check out the following steps:

  1. Decide if you want to add new data or update your existing contact list.
  • Add and update: add new contacts and update existing information of all your contacts
  • Only add new: add new contacts without altering data for existing contacts
  • Only update existing: Update existing information without adding new ones
  1. Tick the consent confirmation box.
  2. Hit Nextto go to the page where you will assign columns to a custom field.
  3. Next, you’ll want to assign a custom field in your GetResponse account to the information in your contact list file. You can skip this step by checking the Skip the columns marked with “?” box.
  4. Finally, complete the process by clicking Import.

Setting up Regular Imports to Your Lists

You can connect your GetResponseOpens in a new tab. account to other services to automatically fetch contact details from there and update your existing list.

This option gives you the ability to add new contacts on a regular basis or automatically update subscriber information every day. Once you have set up the integration, you will want to specify the list that will be regularly updated. You can also assign custom fields to the new contacts that are being imported.

Note: You might end up exceeding the contact limit allowed in your current plan if you add contacts this way. If this happens, you will be automatically charged an additional fee.

To automatically add new contacts to your list, go to the “Configure recurring imports” page. You will be taken to this page once you have entered the authorization details and click “Connect to”.

Moreover, GetResponse allows the use of many integrations that will require you to perform a few extra steps (such as API keys, store URLs, tokens, etc.) from the account that you want to connect. Below is a list of apps that you can import recurring lists from:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Sugar
  • Vtiger
  • Magento
  • Zoho

So there you have it, the complete how-to on importing your contacts list to GetResponse.

If you need more information, let us know in the comments below.

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