Ways To Build Your Contact List Quickly

Email marketing can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. But the foundation of email marketing success is the quality and size of your permission-based email list. If you build a list of subscribers that trust you and consider you an expert in your field, your response rates will constantly climb.

Ways To Build Your Contact List Quickly Are :-

Boost sign-up activity.

Make it quick and easy for your visitors to sign up. A first name and email address are all you need initially. If you ask about frequency or other preferences, keep it brief – you can always ask more questions later, through a survey email.

Be clear, persuasive, and honest about what subscribers receive and how they benefit from subscribing. Include one or two short customer testimonials.
Let them know how often to expect your newsletters and other emails. Don’t inundate subscribers, even if they indicate no preference.
Link sample newsletter issues to your sign-up forms, so prospects can make an informed decision. You’ll get more responsive subscribers!

Add a sign-up form everywhere prospects go.

Sign-up opportunities should be easily accessible on every page of your website. Make sure they “pop” visually and indicate clearly what subscribers receive. Don’t forget your website and any blogs you control. Blogging is a great communication tool, so include a sign-up form in every post and continue the conversation!

Add incentives to sign up.

Decide early whether to use incentives, then be as consistent as possible. The most popular incentives are free articles or reports and, of course, special offers, VIP programs, and discounts. The latter can eat into your profits if your sign-up forms are working, so we recommend “thought leadership” papers or ebooks and reports that you know your prospects can use. These attract quality subscribers and increase your reputation as a subject matter expert!

Address visitors’ privacy concerns.

Don’t overlook this important issue coming out of the gate, as most people fear they will receive an avalanche of spam – or scams – when they give out their email address. Tell potential subscribers that you respect their privacy and their personal information, then link to your privacy policy page. Include a link to Customer Service for those who have questions.

Create a great landing page.

First things first! A landing page, a.k.a. squeeze page, is typically designed only to help you achieve one goal. That goal can be anything, e.g. webinar registrations or ebook downloads. Most often however, it will be to help you build an email list. So make sure it’s compelling and convincing.

It should feature a powerful headline and a few of the “juiciest” benefits to get visitors salivating to sign up to your list! Entertain your visitors with an audio or video message explaining why they should subscribe. Or consider letting a customer provide the message! It creates that “human connection” and is an opportunity to direct them to the sign-up form on your webpage while you’re winning them over!

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Include testimonials in your landing page.

This is crucial. Customer opinions can be the most powerful conversion tool of all! Put one or two strong testimonials from satisfied subscribers on your squeeze page. Use any format, but you may find that multimedia (audio or video) is more “believable”. People like to see and hear the people behind the opinions, so they can make more informed judgments

Include a sign-up button inside your newsletter.

…or a text link to your subscription page, if you’re not using HTML. This may sound like a waste of time, but what if a subscriber forwards it to friends and co-workers? Or shares it on social media sites? Or reproduces it online? You could explode your sign-ups, just by adding a link to the form!

Add sign-up forms to blog updates.

Place a sign-up form on your blog to notify your readers of new posts. This has a threefold benefit: you build your email list, strengthen relationships with your readers, and get more traffic to your blog!

Add opt-in check-boxes to other forms and business messages.

Create opportunities to sign up for your newsletter while prospects are filling in other forms. Why not? It’s a value-added service to let them know a free enewsletter is available. Think about all the types of forms you use: from software downloads, to demos and whitepapers, to event registrations and contact forms. And with the highest open rates of any emails, confirmation and transactional emails could also increase sign-ups. So add a link to your form!

Run a webinar promotion.

Webinars are great for building meaningful and personal relationships with your audience. The best thing about them – it doesn’t matter where your customers are located, you can all meet up online.

When promoting your webinar, add a check-box on your landing page that will allow your registrants to your mailing list, too. After the webinar is finished and you’re sending the video recording, invite your users to join your subscription to stay up-to-date with future webinars and other useful content.

Use Google AdWords campaigns.

Google AdWords is a relatively cost-effective type of online campaign and can get very nice results. It doesn’t matter whether you promote your newsletter subscription or a blockbuster product launch. Explore to find out what draws best… it’s worth it to experiment. Just make sure your newsletter sign-up form is always on the landing page!

Use your physical mailing list.

If you have a physical mailing list from your offline business, send a snail-mail postcard to your customers, offering a special discount for signing up to your email newsletter. If you don’t have a snail-mail list, consider leaving a sign-up form near your register or point-of-sale location!

Contact other newsletter publishers and vendors.

Use your networking and social media skills to reach out to other newsletter publishers or even vendors with complementary products or services. Let them know that you’d be interested in promoting their newsletter or offering if they’d do the same for you. This way, both of you can get more online exposure and build your list faster!

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